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Michael Gray
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Michael Gray You're definitely going to want to wear headphones for this album! Favorite track: Moonstream.
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released June 14, 2014



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Rescue Team San Francisco, California

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Track Name: What I Crave
I could go without
Cause I got what's within
Still I'm haunted
By the secrets hidden in your skin

Kundalini dreamer
This love it has no end
Lit this fire
Won't leave it here with no one to tend

Soul love not attachment
Is what I crave
I get no satisfaction
From the shallow empty

I want the real deal
Not the games people play
Soul love not attachment
Is what I gave
Track Name: Moonstream
Read the mystery between time lines
That I traced on your face
You said be a queen don't loose your mind
I'll get you out of this place

Tread light on majesty seek and find
The weave we interlace
Lead me internally wed combine
Enter into sacred space

Tongue blast forecast
Dark storms of the past
Until the sun breaks free
Cause looming clouds can't last

When summer time is done
It's only just begun
I don't want to live
Where the seasons only one

Hollow moon lies
Now I'm drunk on it's beam
Dark eyes cry
When they can't be seen

Heart lark flies
Wind to wing hear it sing
Fall into ripe sky
Now I'm dancing with the king

Dance till twilight with songs
That made all the worlds wrongs feel right
Pillow sleep arms hold tight
Safe keep through the heavy night

Symphony shadows creep
Through the deep till we let in the light
Gratefully embrace our mystery
Are we done
No not quite
Track Name: Like A Heathen
Gotta dance my heartbreak out of my soul
Gotta recapitulate shake outta control
Wanna dance with my demons till there are no more
Wanna move like a heathen on the dance floor

I'm gonna come undone until I see the sun
I'm gonna have some fun before the night is done
I'm gonna bump and grind until I clear my mind
I'm gonna step outta line into my own design
Track Name: Love Sky
Jumped into love sky
Knew I would fall but I still took the dive
You said love is pain and I cried
We knew we might fail but we still had to try

Can't say
Love wasn't enough
Cause we both know
Love down here is tough
Heart tenderized
Because the world is rough
That I might give to much
Track Name: Comet Chest
Cosmic breath
Expansion contraction
Comet chest
Lift human reaction

Sonnet blessed
Love frequency faction
Enlist divine attraction

Seems so easy from the other side of the veil
Always forget how hard earth is till I'm there
And I'm here and I'm there everywhere
And I live and I breathe and I love and I tear

Duality reality pendulum swing extreme
Black or white wrong or right no in between
And I cry and laugh and I die and I sing
And I hold I let go and I'm old and I'm young like the spring

Young like the spring...